A SQUARE / 네모 하나

This is a story about a square and a cat based on the concept of relativity.
When I was in UK, I had been cat-sitting for two months with Cookie.
I inspired by his daily rutines such as looking through the windows, chasing bees etc.
In this book, a yellow square keeps repeating and a cat plays with it,
and a relationship between a square and a cat makes a narrative.
A square changes into a drawer that a cat jumps on, a square of sunshine that keeps him warm, and a box that he likes the most.
This book will be published by Corraini Edizioni.

네모 하나와 고양이 한 마리가 펼치는 이야기입니다.
두 달간 캣시터를 했던 고양이 쿠키에게서 영감을 받았고, 항상 창 밖을 내다보고 박스에 들어가는 걸 좋아하는 고양이의 습성에서 아이디어를 얻었습니다.
그림책에 나오는 네모 하나는 고양이가 밖을 내다보는 창문이 되기도 하고, 거실에 있는 햇살 조각이 되기도 하고, 가장 좋아하는 박스가 되기도 합니다.
동일하게 반복되는 네모와 고양이의 관계를 통해 이야기를 풀어나가며 '관계의 상대성'에 대해 생각해보게 하는 책입니다. 이 책은 이탈리아 Corraini 출판사에서 출간할 예정입니다.


Three picture books about relativity

These are my MA project during 2013-2014 on the course of MA Sequential Design and Illustration in the University of Brighton, UK.
I made three picture books about relativity which are based on different thinking
because I wanted to make books to make people think from another’s point of view
and empathize with others.

The first one is called ‘You Are Right!’. It is about cultural difference and touches a bit on world issues, though not in a serious way. There are two children saying different ideas about the same thing, but both of them are right because they are in different situations. For instance, a child in the UK says that Christmas is cold, but a child in Australia asserts that Christmas is hot, and both of them are right. This book has a gatefold format and is aimed at young children aged 4 to 6 who are beginning to build social relationships with others.

The second one is called ‘One Minute’. It is about the illusion of time perception in various situations. For example, a child who is playing in an amusement park feels one minute is short, but for a child in an uncomfortable situation, such as at the dentist, one minute drags by. This book is aimed at 6 to 8 year old children who understand the concept of time.

The last story is called ‘One Day’. It is a story seen from two different points of view - a dog’s and her owner’s. I've got this idea from a documentary film about dogs' separation anxiety. It reminded me my old dog, Danbi and her behavior when she left home alone. I wanted to make a book about same event, but different narrators and wanted to find an effective way to show two viewpoints using the book structure. So I decide to use the circle concertina format which is able to be read on both sides of the book and each side represents each narrator.

All of these three boooks will be published by Corraini Edizioni, Italy.


Reinterpretation of The Three Little Pigs

This is a reinterpretation of the fable tale, The Three Little Pigs.
I created a detective story as a modern tale based on the original story. In my story, the wolf is a serial pig killer. Two elder pigs are kidnapped by him and the third pig rescues two brothers.
I've always interested in detective movies, novels extra, so it was quite fun to make this narrative.

I used real object such as straw, sticks and fur as clues to trace the wolf because I think it was effective to capture reader’s interests. From these, readers can touch the real evidence and deduce together with the third pig.

I also made a house-like shaped book because the house is the most important motive in the original story. I tried to make best use of this shape for a layout including the cover. It looks unique and can be an effective way to show scenes relative to a house.

In terms of color, I used a limited color palette because it shows the dreadful atmosphere better. The main colour is red because it is commonly associated with danger and matched bloody mood.

This book will be published by Corraini Edizioni.